Gamification and AI – a More than Human Future

Nicolas Babin, and his robot Aibo, will explain how AI will challenge us to get our attention and increase engagement. How AI will then drive loyalty through gamification techniques and towards optimal engagement. Not just for marketing campaigns and entertainment purposes. He will show how gamifying the digital transformation at a Chinese chemical company has ensured employee engagement and changes adopted. But is it all about data driven AI, how important is human empathy, intuition and conscience?

About​ ​​Nicolas Babin

Nicolas has been enjoying life for over 53 years. He has worked and lived in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, Germany and France allowing him to be open and understand different cultures. He worked for Sony for many years and learnt to combine marketing and gaming. He is a co-founder of GamFed. Since 2017, Nicolas is a consultant in all digital matters. He helps big and small companies to transform their business by using AI and Gamification. He writes for Le Monde Economique in Geneva as a digital expert and works for LinkedIn Learning and IBM on social media and AI subjects.

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