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Cyber-Security: Deception and Gamification for Criminals

With the ever growing networking capabilities and services offered to users, attack surfaces have been increasing exponentially, additionally, the intricacy of network architectures has increased the complexity of cyber-defences, the use of gamification has recently been trending both in academia and industry. Blended with Deception, Gamification enables to create proactive defence systems, luring attackers in order to better defend the systems at hand. Current applications of gamification and deception, only rely on static, or low interactive environments. This talk will explore gamification and deception techniques than can be used to increase human-computer-interaction to lure malicious users into selected traps while piquing their interests.

About​ Dr Xavier Bellekens

Dr Xavier Bellekens is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Division of Cyber-Security at the University of Abertay in Dundee, he is the head of the Machine Learning for Cyber Security Research Group. His current research interests include Gamification and Machine Learning Techniques for Cyber-Security and Engineering, including network deception and intrusion detection systems.

Prior to joining the University of Abertay, Xavier was a Research Assistant and Associate in the Centre for Intelligent Dynamic Communications at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, working on cyber-physical security for critical infrastructures. Xavier is the Chair of the IEEE Cyber Science collocated conferences, is a reviewer for world leading academic conferences and journals and is the Education Cyber-Security Thematic Leader for IEEE UK and Ireland. He is also a regular contributor to Belgian and UK Radio and Newspaper on Cyber-Security and Hacking related topics.

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