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​Not Another Shiny Thing – Realistically Customers Want Gamification That Is...

If you'd just learnt to ride a bike, would you immediately dump it and pick up a motorbike because that looked more exciting? The gamification industry has moved from being players to professionals. We may have made some rookie mistakes to begin with. Basing gamification on PBL's only anyone? Or nagware trying too hard to change our everyday habits? But isn't it a bit too early to ditch our learnings and follow the next shiny thing - AR/VR/MR? Yes, it would be exciting to be pioneers again! But there are millions of people waiting for us - seasoned Gamification designers - to make their every day a bit brighter. Just a little bit, because that's realistic. And to them this future could still be mind-blowing.

​About ​Arkadiusz Siechowicz

Arkadiusz Siechowicz is one the founders of Gamehill - Gamified Learning Platforms. With his team they are winners of Outstanding Gamification Award as well as Best international implementation of Gamified learning solution form London's LTA. With many corporate clients including Deloitte, Orange, and Santander Bank, he has a good view at the present corporate learning & gamification market.

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