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​Changification - Gamifying Organizational Change

Coaches or managers can get pretty tired of changing the structure of the whole company. Be it for better products, better processes or better people. Let's make it fun and gamify it. Do you doubt if this approach will work for you today? This might be a fun idea for your future. We will introduce some skills to coach people into accepting the rules of changification. Gamification of the organizational change.

About​ ​​​​Stanislava Potupchik

Hi, I am Stani, originally from Russia, I live in the Netherlands since 2015. Even before graduating as a teacher of Spanish I already started working at school and as a counsellor in kids camps. I was lucky to learn about psychological role-play games back in early 2000 and only when I came to the Netherlands, I learned that there is such term as serious games and gamification. Since then, I did couple of online courses on this subject and kept practising providing workshops at local events and international conferences. It was always focused on agile community, and I feel honoured to share my skills with this audience.

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