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Saving the World Using Gamification: 

Working with the World Health Organisation to Make a Difference!

When the World Health Organisation came knocking, Growth Engineering knew they’d have to gamify the leadership training approach in order to make the biggest possible impact. After all, WHO have some pretty ambitious goals. They work worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable. Their goal is to improve the lives of 3 billion (yes, billion!) people over the next five years.

To help support this commendable goal, ​Growth Engineering created a fully gamified mobile learning app called ‘My Billion’. ​The app uses Badges, XP, Leaderboards, Streaks and a Scorecard - all carefully configured to ensure maximum levels of engagement and effective knowledge transfer. ​The ultimate goal to provide an impactful solution that promotes behaviour change and empowers WHO’s leadership team!

In this presentation, delivered by Juliette Denny (Growth Engineering’s Managing Director) and supported by video footage from the WHO team, you’ll learn:

  • The full story behind this exciting project - from conception to reality.
  • How gamification was used to drive engagement.
  • The other steps we took to ensure the success of the initiative.
  • What the reaction was like and what we’ve achieved so far.
  • What actionable steps you can take away and apply to your own initiatives!

About​ ​​​​Juliette Denny

Juliette is the Managing Director / Ideologist in Chief at Growth Engineering, one of the leading providers of gamified learning software in the world. She has an unrivalled passion for learner engagement and offers unparalleled insight when it comes to learning and development best practice. She is considered a pioneer and an expert in applying gamification and social functionality to online learning. Her vibrant talks are packed full of statistics, case studies and actionable take-aways and are designed to ensure you come away with new insight or a fresh perspective.

About​ ​​​​​Gaya Gamhewage

​Gaya  Gamhewage is a  medical  doctor  by  training and currently leads Communications Capacity Building at the World Health Organization headquarters based in Geneva, Switzerland. She  is responsible  for supporting  governments  across  the  world  build sustainable  risk  communications  capacity  as  legally  required  by  the  International health  regulations  (2005),  the  Pandemic  Influenza  Preparedness  Framework, and for training WHO staff in 155 countries.

She has spent 8 years in China studying and practicing medicine, and has carried out assignments inover 40countries. Gaya  also  runs  a  “Global  Citizen  Camp”  for  European  and  American  teenagers  to participate in community development projects in Sri Lanka. Gaya lives with her two children in Geneva.

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