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​Panel Discussion: Fraggles vs Doozers, Play or Make, who has it right?

​We’ll hear from gamification designers and the companies who need the designs. Where are we at concerning the needs and wants of each other? Do companies prefer with one holistic supplier or can they benefit from a few specialists?

​About ​Andres Garcia Parker

Andrés is passionate about bringing gamified solutions to real world business and social problems. He earned the highest marks in his promotion for his Gamification Master thesis at IEBS, on ethically encouraging coffee machine consumption in Madrid's Metro using historical figures and backstories. He is an Aerospace Engineer who has worked worldwide in large Power, Oil & Gas engineering projects and is accustomed to communicating and inspiring people from different backgrounds and environments. He is chair of GamFed, a worldwide organisation promoting the use of gamification by designers, companies and non-profit organisations. Currently, he is working in LettusGrow a Startup which aims to solve the future food source problems.

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