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​Panel Discussion: Fraggles vs Doozers, Play or Make, who has it right?

​We’ll hear from gamification designers and the companies who need the designs. Where are we at concerning the needs and wants of each other? Do companies prefer with one holistic supplier or can they benefit from a few specialists?

About​ ​Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Victoria is the author of twelve books (both fiction and non-fiction), coach, and consultant with a background in semiconductor physics, electronic engineering (with a Ph.D.), information technology, and business development. While being a non-gamer, Victoria came up with the new term Self-Gamification, a gameful and playful self-help approach bringing anthropology, kaizen, and gamification based methods together to increase the quality of life. Thanks to this approach, Victoria was able to facilitate and complete multiple complex projects, both for her customers and herself, by simple attitude change toward non-judgmental, lean, and gameful. She is passionate about raising awareness about how Self-Gamification enables effortless recognition and appreciation of the potential and advantages of gamification, serious games, and other game-inspired techniques. Victoria was born in Moldova, lived in Germany for twelve years, and now lives in Aalborg, Denmark, with her husband and two children.

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