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​Panel Discussion: Gamification in Germany: Buzzword Or... Game-Changer?

Gamification as a term has been around for about a decade and it's increasingly becoming a trend, often used in conjunction with other trendy buzzwords in business to describe anything playful in order to sell consultancies. What's the state of play in Germany when it comes to gamification? How is it used in practice and what are the outcomes? In this panel we'll discuss about the past, present and future of gamification in Germany, aiming to level up our understanding and be part of the change.

About​ ​​Antonis Triantafyllakis

A soft skills trainer, facilitator and consultant, combining experiential learning with gamification to ensure a holistic, playful and impactful approach to capacity building, adaptable to your needs.
I believe in a world of equal rights and opportunities, where young people are active global citizens that embrace diversity with empathy and are ready to build an innovative, inclusive and sustainable future, today.
I created MYTRAINER to put that dream into practice.

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