​Human Error: How to Minimise Corporate Risk and Manage Personal Behaviour

One of the biggest threats to modern businesses, especially banks and financial institutions, in 2019 is cyber threat. Unfortunately, human error plays a huge role in successful cyber security breaches, and this has highlighted the importance of effective cyber security training.
Rachel Swann is an expert in engagement, and specifically how to use gamification to effectively engage any audience. Join Rachel as she discusses how 3radical and Standard Chartered Bank are leveraging gamification technology to enhance and manage the human element of information and cyber security risk. Learn how Standard Chartered Bank are increasing employee engagement in their ongoing cyber security awareness programme that measures, inspires, and drives secure behaviour.

​About ​Rachel Swann

Rachel Swann, Commercial Director at 3radical, has extensive experience of engaging customers, clients and consumers, be they in FMCG, manufacturing or retail.

Rachel is responsible for client acquisition, retention and project delivery across the UK and Europe; and is passionate about equipping clients to improve engagement with their customers using gamification and game science. Every business wants ‘sticky customers’; 3radical’s solution supports creative on-boarding, retention, repeat usage and social communities to deliver markedly better commercial benefits.

Additionally, Rachel takes the lead in raising the profile of 3radical internationally, having successfully submitted client projects for the IPM Cogs awards, presenting an award at the 2018 Gamification Europe Awards in Amsterdam, and frequently attending conferences and events.

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