​One Way Ticket to the Fun - The Networking Game

How do you generally feel about networking events? Have you already experienced that awkward moment when you stay alone with the fourth coffee in your (shaking) hands? Or the one when you walk to somebody with your prepared small talk to engage conversation? What if you had the opportunity to discover networking in a new, more fun and more constructive way? Collock is launching its gamified networking event 'One Way Ticket to the Fun' at Gamification Europe! In this collaborative 1-hour-experience, you will have the chance to bond with your peers, build a project together, and share your vision of 'Future Fun'.

​About Anna Orosz

​Anna is the co-founder and CMO of Collock, a French company specialized in gamification in business. Anna has worked in Strategy and Marketing in corporate, trying to infuse gamification and design thinking into her projects. Passionate about gamification and its use in companies, Anna has developed a vision of collaborative games as a powerful tool to improve employee experience. She co-founded Collock in 2015 to bring games into the workplace: from recruitment to change management through onboarding and training. Collock is a leading company for HR gamification in France, creating fully tailored game-based solutions to address HR needs.

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