​How Game Thinking Can Become the Operating System for a Whole Organisation

The context of Game Thinking contains many different approaches. We have Gamification, Serious Games, Simulations, Game-based-learning and more. Each individual approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. The approach chosen should depend on the customer's context and desired outcome.

But what if some (or even all) the approaches are already used in one organisation? Usually they are run as separate projects. Could it be possible though, and more effective in the long run, to handle them like one bigger organism? Relying on each other in the macro but being specialised and separated in the micro?

Let me give you an introduction into my vision of Game Thinking as a whole, and how we are helping our customers move in this direction.

About​ ​Roman Rackwitz

​Roman Rackwitz is a Gamification Pioneer from Germany. He is Germany's chief evangelist of Gamification and he is rated a Top 10 Gamification Expert in the World by Leaderboarded. Speaking at several dozen events p.a. he introduces the audience to the 'science of fun' and why it is just smart to use its power to solve future challenges of our world's societies and to improve the business environment, and more.
"While engineering has been the secret power of an industrialized society, Gamification has the potential to become the secret power of the knowledge society." - Roman Rackwitz

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