​Gamifiers United

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success! GamUp will create a networking game "Gamifiers United" that will bring together culture variations, progress together throughout the conference in ongoing networking activities and hand you the "Future Fun Passport" forging future business opportunities and partnerships, highlighting how we can have better cultural understanding, neglecting stereotyping and prejudgement concepts.

​About ​GamUp

Our Gamification Company GamUp, is based in Egypt yet serves MENA region as well, GamUp won a global award at the Gamification Europe Conference 2018, and is an Exclusive partner in Egypt with the UK Gamification company, Gamification+ LTD. We provide well-designed playful trainings and workshops, having UK certified trainers, the founders us Dr. Emad Henin & Eng. Sandra Abadir who have more than 9 years’ experience in the world of Gamification project designs. GamUp is also an Exclusive partner in Egypt and MENA Region with The Hungarian Business Simulation Company"EcoSim", delivered trainings in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and USA.

We are also steering committee member at GamFed - the International Gamification Confederation and were speakers at the NASAGA- North American Simulation and Gaming Association, Rochester, New York, TEDx, UNESCO, Rise Up and many more.
Our ultimate mission is to Boost your Business Up, Enhance your learning process Up, and Lift your personal life Up, we totally believe that “play helps us do serious things much, much better”.

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