Ádám Pusztai

Managing & Engaging Communities

From individuals to a community: Practical gamification design for growing a community

Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER

11:05 – 11:30

I have seen many communities start, bloom and fade away in the last few years. When we started our online gamification membership community in mid-2020, we knew we had to design our processes, learning materials and interactions properly.

Because of that we used different strategies
- to form a good onboarding process,
- to use gamified elements to support our members (PBL-parts, content unlock, guilds, and more)
- to help members to visit the community periodically using small nudges

Though gamification is not widely known in our country our membership has grown steadily. We have a strong purpose to let people know about this exciting and useful topic, and I think we made the first baby steps successfully. Now you can go grow the gamification community in your country.

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About Ádám Pusztai

I'm a gamification / behavior designer in Hungary. In recent years I've been working with Hungarian SMB's and startups to help them make their products and services more effective and interesting. Beside that we have a 2400+ people big FB group (in Hungarian as well), and recently we started a membership site for gamification enthusiasts to learn together.

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