Eko Nugroho

Learning & Education


Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

10:35 – 11:05

  • Introduction about Eko, Kummara group, and the vision to create an impact in Indonesia, and the humble beginning.
  • How we start with board-game, setting up Indonesia Boardgame Challenge - a gamified program to socialize the potential of the game as learning media that successfully kickstart the whole industry (Indonesia has received gamification world award nomination (2015) in 2 categories: Best Non-Software Innovation & Best Theoretical Contribution.
  • How we implement Fun, Interactive, Natural, and Engaging (FINE) Approach to engage and motivate 30.000 Indonesia Post employees all over Indonesia.
  • How we implement the integrated game-based learning and gamification approach to promote peace and tolerance, implemented in 17 cities in Indonesia, motivating the establishment of >1000 agents of peace in Indonesia, and selected as the most innovative program by UNDP.
  • How we design and implement the playful learning journey, an online integrated game-based learning and gamification approach. supporting the on-boarding program for 268 new employees of the biggest telecom company in Indonesia.
  • What's next? A glimpse of our next adventure:
    • Playful business: an online facilitated game-based learning for start-up and SME's.
    • Playful & Peaceful World - a playful learning journey promoting peace and tolerance.
    • Playful leadership program.

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About Eko Nugroho

  • CEO of KUMMARA Group.
  • Founding Member Indonesia Board Game Association ( Asosiasi Pegiat Board Game Indonesia APIBGI)
  • Co founder LUDERE NUSANTARA (LUDENARA) a non for profit organization focus on game based learning implementation in Indonesia.
  • Game Consultant for Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
  • Game Consultant for the Urban Logistics Program for Leaders (TLIAP NUS, Temasek Foundation, Ministry of Economic Affairs).
  • Game consultant for Boardgame for Peace Program. A joint collaboration program with peacegen.id supported by CONVEY and UNDP.
  • Finalist in the Gamification World Awards 2015 Barcelona.
  • Mentor for Katapel.id, a National wide program for promoting IP creation and commercialization.
  • Initiator and lead mentor of Indonesia Board Game Challenge, a national wide game design competition
  • Initiator of Indonesia Bermain , the first community event to promote gaming and its potential
  • Researcher at Center for Research on Information & Communication Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).
  • Founding member/Principal Researcher, Gamelab Binus International University.
  • Padjadjaran University, majoring in Statistics.
  • Masters in Mathematics from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.
  • Research stint at Bielefeld University, Germany, studying Game Theory and its implementation.

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