Jed & Sophia Lazar

Managing & Engaging Communities


Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER

13:30 – 13:45

Cozy Juicy Real is an online board-game created with a very un-game-like purpose: to kindle fun and engaging conversations.

Jed and Sophia host networking and team-building events for some of the world’s most interesting communities and organisations - including Amazon, Showpad and Miro's virtual conference Distributed 2020. Their specialty is online games that connect teams and communities on both personal and professional levels.

Hear how their extensively play-tested and optimized games:
* Create a sense of community, even among complete strangers
* Cultivate interesting conversations with diverse groups of people
* Connect teams through curated questions, challenging enough to engage

At each event, players are asked to score how they feel before and after playing Cozy Juicy Real. On average, teams share they're 15% happier, 22% calmer and 36% more connected after the experience.

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About Jed and Sophia Lazar

Jed and Sophia Lazar have worked with GM, DHL, Miro, Pepsico and more to create trusting and connected teams. They're group facilitators, board game designers, and conversational ninjas helping people work better together, one game at a time.

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