Norhan Zahran

Learning & Education


Monday 23rd NOVEMBER

12:05 – 12:30

Talk description

I had this amazing opportunity to design a gamified learning experience for children of an underprivileged community in Egypt. The results of what I saw on their behavioural changes, and the influence of the experience on the way they think were mind-blowing! I would love to share this with the community in order to start adopting Gamification with underprivileged communities, to disrupt their world of traditional boring and ineffective education.

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About Norhan Zahran

I am a gamer so I really enjoy what I am doing more than anything! I believe Education should be fun and engaging. That's why I quit my Pharmaceutical career to follow my passion and apply Gamification in Education targeting the underprivileged communities. I am currently working at Giza Systems Education Foundation as an instructional designer/Gamification expert. Being a coach added another perspective to the way I design learning experiences. It got me more interested in influencing behaviours through the journey!

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