Bernardo Letayf

Working as a web designer since 1998 Bernardo founded his first company in 2011 while working for over 9 years in the education field. He is the creator of BLUErabbit, a Gamification Platform for education and training, currently holding the 2017 award for Outstanding Gamification Software in Gamification Europe.

From Player to Professional: Applied Gamification Mechanics 101

For Bernardo everything started with Final Fantasy XI in 2004. That’s when he fell in love with games and their power to change people’s ideas. He didn’t know it was called gamification until 2010. His journey was long and hard but he made it.

"You have a lot of theories and ideas in your head. Ideas that may work and ideas that may never see the light of day. You feel you don’t know your players enough. Creating something and putting it out there is scary. All these thoughts ran through my head when I started studying and applying gamification. I can’t remember how many times I ended up deploying a system that worked in one class and it wouldn’t on the next one. In this talk I will share my experience and 5 things that worked consistently through all classes and systems I’ve created for the past 8 years and how I went from player to professional.

Hope you like it :)"