Juliette Denny

Juliette is the Managing Director at Growth Engineering, one of the leading providers of gamified learning software in the world. Because of her primary research through her own products and solutions, Juliette is considered a pioneer and expert in applying gamification and social functionality to online learning. She has an unrivalled passion for learner engagement and her vibrant talks are packed full of stats and case studies proving the truth in what she’s saying.

Unleashing Mobile Superheroes! Creating a Gamified Learning Strategy for the Modern Workplace

During her talk Juliette will explore how to incorporate gamification elements throughout workplace training schemes, the positive impacts it can have on learner engagement and how gamification can be implemented in a mobile app. She will talk to us about their project with L’Oréal and how she and her team realised that the future of gamification is mobile. At the end of the talk Juliette will also share her overall best practices that were created through her journey in the gamification world and helped her go from player to professional!

Watch Juliette's talk at Learning Technologies 2017