Karen Sikkema 

Professor at HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht) and Business owner of Living Story and  Wintertuin Experience BV, Karen is an experience and game designer working on experiences, applied games, gamification and adventures for cultural heritage and game-based learning for teams and businesses.  Her aim is to create meaning in the world by connecting people to themselves, to others and to great locations, and thus contribute  to creating a sense of belonging, connection and respect for yourself and others.

Lost in Time: Bringing Digital and Physical Gamification Together Through Narrative

This talk will aim at outlining the main design principles when designing a digital game that will be played in a physical space by people on their own or in teams. Karen has designed gamification both in historical inner cities and nature preserves/national parks. History and historic narratives linger in everyday spaces that we may see and walk by every day. Interesting buildings, people, spaces and stories are all around us but often we cannot see them, or we don’t know their stories. With digital gamification in physical spaces, we bring these invisible stories and people to life through interactive experiences that bridge the worlds of digital and physical gaming and gamification. Lost in Time is a game designed for the cities of Utrecht and Amsterdam and Karen will use it as a case study to teach us tips and tricks for designing interactive experiences, her design process and learnings of what went well and what went wrong.