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Keywords: Innovation, Gamification

Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos

Marigo works with digital media such as games and gamification to facilitate enterprise innovation and development. She has an impressive record of advisory work, presenting at global events, running private and public design workshops and peer-reviewed research.

Has Gamification Failed?

While the gamification sector has grown in terms of the number of practitioners, technology platforms and university research, some questions remain on the long term sustainability of project impact and return on investment. In this session, Marigo will share the early findings of her longitudinal research on tracking enterprise perceptions and use of gamification of a group of innovators and early adopters of gamification over a five year period. The warning signs show that industry is becoming increasingly sceptical about the design, business and technological capabilities of gamification and have raised concerns over the lack of innovation. The session will conclude with a call to action to all gamification practitioners and technology vendors to either lift their game or risk the decline of the industry.

Watch Marigo's Talk at Gamification Europe 2017