Melinda Jacobs

Melinda S. Jacobs is an entrepreneur, gamification & UX strategist specialising in changing behaviour through play and games. She is an international speaker on gamification, user psychology, and narrative and has spoken at events such as Festival of Games, Gamification World, UPRISE, and Gamification Europe.

UX & Gamification: The Big Picture

Don Norman, one of the biggest advocates of user-centered design, defines User Experience (UX) as “All aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products”. What does that mean though and how does it link to gamification? In this session, Melinda will explain why it’s time we start talking about UX in gamification. We need to be aware of how we use it to create experiences that help us better engage audiences with the narratives we want to tell. This session will give a crash course on why UX matters, why it’s a part of everything we do, and how it narrative and gamification fit in. 

Watch Melinda's talk at Gamification Europe 2017