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Keywords: Escape Room, Gamification

Michiel Van Eunen

Michiel designs Escape Rooms. He helps companies enhance innovation and business performance using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. He also talks, inspires & advises about gamification at conferences, workshops & strategic sessions with companies.

A Day at the Beach: Engaging Large Organisations with Physical Gamification

This talk is a story. A true story about how Michiel shifted from making games for fun, to making games that help companies realise their goals, boost employee engagement, trigger desired behaviour, spark energy, strengthen company values or activate innovation. It’s a story of what he did, where he failed, what he learned and where he succeeded. Michiel started his company ‘Living Story’ in 2005. Companies were looking for new ways to engage their employees so Living Story brought games as an alternative: Werewolves, GPS Quest, Murder Weekend. All highly immersive games, played by large groups of people (colleagues, teams, friends, families), and directed by game-leaders with a theatrical background. In the following years, he developed many games with specific goals for companies. With several games running every week, serving over a hundred groups each year, he had the perfect playground to develop, test and tweak our game designs, and witness what games did with people. Nowadays, in his role as Experience Designer at Performance Solutions, Michiel designs, develops and plays serious games and events with groups from 2 to 200 people.

Watch Michiel's Workshop at Gamification Europe 2017