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Mun Choong (Munch) Lam

Mun Choong (Munch) is the Founder and CEO of Selfdrvn Enterprise (Selfdrvn), a SaaS solution provider aiming to help organizations improve workforce engagement and performance by powering positive psychology with technology like mobile, AI, Analytics and Gamification. A computer engineer by training, Mun Choong has been a serial entrepreneur in Asia ever since he co-founded his first tech startup in 1997 where Selfdrvn is his 3rd brain-child (and possibly his last). In the past 2 years, the Selfdrvn platform has been applied extensively in organizational change management, improving team performance and engaging the gig workforce. He is happy to chat with anyone who is interested in digital transformation, the rise of robo-bosses and the application of gamification and behavioural science to improve business outcomes.

Scaling Enterprise Gamification from 100 to 100,000 players

In his presentation, Mun Choong will be sharing how he started the experiment of gamification with 100 of his employees in 2012. From that experience, he is extending the learning of how to make gamification work for a small group of techies to create a common enterprise gamification platform that aims to cultivate positive mindsets and behaviours over a diverse audience across cultural boundaries. It is a personal story of an epic learning journey not to be missed!