Andrzej Marczewski

Senior Solutions Consultant



Andrzej Marczweski is a Gamification Solution Designer and Consultant at Motivait. He has been involved directly in gamification since 2011. He has become recognised as a world expert in gamification, especially around the topic of gamification mechanics and user types. His love of games spans back to his earliest memories, playing games with his Daf on an Apple II! Over the course of his career he has made sure games have played a large part of his work. From developing game inspired learning materials as a VLE manager at Brooklands College, to spending 10 years running a games review website. He has written hundreds of articles as well as two books on Gamification, most recently Ninja Monkeys Like to Play as well as providing chapters for a few other. He has also co-authored several research papers on the topic of Player Types. In 2016 he was honoured to be awarded the Greatest Contribution 2016 at the Gamification World Congress.
Twitter profile: @DaveRage