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In line with our BREAKOUT theme, all sessions will enable you to think differently about the what, where, who, when, why and how of applying gamification to achieve your aims. Sessions confirmed so far include:


A two day ARG (Alternate Reality Game) - you have a chance to escape our prison but you'll have to work together with your fellow inmates to succeed with your escape plan.


Engaging participants and doctors in the process of healthcare research

Healthcare market research is becoming increasingly complex.

We are often exploring therapy areas that are advancing quickly, and have a significant number of potential future product launches. This can lead to long research discussions for doctors, causing fatigue and impacting the quality of the responses/data they share.

We are even seeing a decline in the numbers of participates who are willing to take part in research!

With the use of case studies, we explore how game principles can be used to help change the way we approach healthcare market research to better engage with doctors.  We’ll discuss the challenges that were faced and our experiences of gamifying a research project, along with the impact this had, and our design process, and how we've been able to respond to naysayers who have said – “games aren’t suitable for research with doctors". Join us to listen to our gamification journey, and the outcomes.


Most of us attending the Gamification Europe conference will be self-employed, and we all know the emotional roller coaster this can be. But whether self-employed or in a salaried role, we have all experienced feelings of being overlooked, financially insecure, aimless, or worried we're ineffective.

While it's not always doom and gloom, and there are of course huge rewards in being self-employed, or being part of a company team, we all need something to help us in those low moments.

The Empowerment Kit provides us all with a safe, structured and gamified way to face those times with curiosity and courage.

The game helps us uncover the universal human needs underlying our frustrations, and illuminates the pathways to feeling better, and even thriving.

During this interactive session, we'll pair up, sharing our needs and identifying ways to meet them. We'll conclude by hearing inspiring stories, sharing insights and a short Q&A session.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together, leveraging gamification to unlock our potential and empower our professional lives.


Whether you’re designing an escape room, mobile game, corporate event, immersive theatre piece or an expo pavilion, what it means to be engaged in any of these things is universal.

Our job as disruptors/designers/innovators is to create and hold space for engagement that is felt and experienced in an unforgettable way.

The mechanisms at play in this area transcend the medium: the mediums may look different but they need to cater to the same basic human needs in order push the kind of interactions we want.

Allow me to take you on my journey through all I've learned as a designer of escape rooms, board and mobile games, immersive theatre, and architectural experience design to help you in your own work, and discover a new understanding of what it means to be engaged, and design for true engagement.


Can games have a positive impact on the world? This speaker thinks so. While enjoyable in their own right, games can also be valuable tools for learning and developing essential skills for the future. This combination can create a better world! But what skills, knowledge, and attitudes can be gained through playing games? And if one were to create a project using games as educational tools for sustainability, how would they tackle it? Delve into these questions and learn about Climate for All, a project that explores the intersection of games, sustainability, and education. Join in the discussion!


The game is focused on encouraging inmates to continue building relationships with family outside of prison, and potential address any issues. There are discussion topics and questions to facilitate rich conversations outside of the regular 'how have you been?' - for a prisoner, of course the answer may be the same day-to-day in contrast to people living outside of prison who have lots going on with their lives.


Let's play K2 Pioneer City, a cooperative board game for 3-4 people that addresses the topics of environmental change, pollution, decision making and sustainability debate. As a cooperative board game, the players play against the game, attempting to accomplish a mission with limited time and resources. Come ready to play!


In this session we'll hear how and why to educate employees to make sustainable decisions, both professionally and personally. There is a pressing need for businesses to highlight global warming concerns and raise awareness on the ecological impact of employee decisions. It is a challenge to make ecological education attractive to employees and you will see (and play) Green Town our solution to this issue. As well as having fun you'll learn:
* Current challenges for companies in building sustainability strategies and attracting new employees
* How an eco game can increase employee engagement and build employer branding
* The statistics from the first organisations to roll out the game
* Discover how to get this game for your organisation (if less than 50 employees) for free


I'm really excited about the chance to share our journey of creating a top-notch gamification solution from scratch for the energy industry. This adventure was no small feat – we had to tackle a bunch of challenges, like figuring out the right MVPs for our gamification system despite competing features and navigating resistance from clients. Oh, and let's not forget managing and recalibrating our leveling system to fit new paths and awards. But you know what? We came out stronger. And the cool part? We hit the jackpot with our alignment to cultural initiatives. Our operators are all about the social impact of collaborative games and they're totally vibing with the whole "rockstar effect" of our recognition tools. The result? We've cranked up engagement and productivity by a whopping 30%. During the session, I'll walk you through our rollercoaster ride, spilling the beans on lessons and best practices we picked up along the way. Plus, we're spicing things up with a bingo game – as I chat about different aspects of our journey, you can tick them off on your bingo sheet. We've got some awesome ResNet Swag up for grabs as prizes, so get ready to play!


Embark on an exhilarating journey where the worlds of gamification and diversity and inclusion strategies seamlessly merge to ignite innovation within organizations, cultivating truly dynamic learning environments poised to tackle future challenges. In this engaging presentation, we'll delve into the dynamic interplay of game dynamics and mechanics, wielding the power to not only transform workplaces but also redefine the very essence of work. Picture workplaces brimming with teamwork, creativity, and a sense of enjoyment, serving as the foundation for agile, learning-focused organizations ready to conquer the ever-evolving landscape. But our exploration doesn't end there. We'll venture deeper, shedding light on the profound connection between gamification and DEI, emphasizing the immense value of embracing diverse perspectives. Envision the array of benefits as gamification seamlessly integrates into innovation processes, leading to heightened enthusiasm and engagement among employees from diverse backgrounds, collectively crafting a tale of success. Join us for this captivating journey—a narrative highlighting gamification's pivotal role in shaping an innovation-driven culture. Discover the harmonious synergy between DEI strategies and a future where inclusivity fuels the fires of innovation, all within the span of this compelling presentation.


What if learning was as simple as listening to a song?

In this session you'll learn about:
* Understand user engagement techniques ;
* Define the types of users and roles ;
* Focus on the Studytracks user journey ;
* The Studytracks 360° gamification strategy with triggers, points and leaderboards 


Your speakers, session leads and game masters

Learn about our fabulous contributors here. Confirmed so far (and in no particular order):

Emma Owen


Narrative Health


10 years of experience in pharmaceutical market research, with broad experience across a range of therapy areas, with particular expertise in haematological malignancies and dermatology
Specialising in qualitative research approaches, with a keen interest in understanding human behaviour and decision-making, and a passion for getting to the heart of a business challenge

Stefania Hernik

Strategy & Product Development Manager

Oskar Wegner


An Art Historian by education, Stefania has an experience of 7 years in the HR departments of global companies like IKEA and However, it was marketing that truly captivated her passion. Since then, she has spent the past 2 years at Oskar Wegner, a company with specialization in relationship marketing. Stefania today draws on her diverse experience in creating loyalty and gamification programs, creating digital products and business strategies. With a keen interest in strategy building, product design, and all things marketing, she seamlessly merges her knowledge and enthusiasm to drive innovation and results.

Roos van Dujinhoven

Behavioural Scientist & Co-Founder



Bio coming soon.

Annemieke Mintjes

Chief Happiness Officer


A communication expert and a trainer and facilitator in agile working and happiness at work from the Netherlands. She supports organisations in developing their human capital in a volatile world. Annemieke uses many methods to reach this goal among which are LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, storytelling, and serious gaming. During the first year of the pandemic Annemieke, together with two colleagues, wrote a book about how to organize effective and inspiring hybrid meetings. In 2023 she wrote a book about love as a motivational factor and for having impact in the corporate world.

Tristan Hupe-Guimarães

Creative Business Development



Tristan Hupe-Guimarães (currently traveling the world for international Experience Design studio Tellart) is an award-winning experience designer and entrepreneur from The Netherlands. Co-founder of Hotel Wonderland (2022), the first large-scale immersive theatre experience in The Netherlands and Sherlocked - Mystery Experiences (2014), highly acclaimed escaperoom experiences. Tristan produced dozens of large-scale real life experiences such as escape rooms, serious games and thought-provoking art installations. Working independently as well as commissioned by brands like Google, Adyen, Rijksmuseum and The Next Web. With a background in jazz music and composition (Royal Conservatory, 2010 cum laude), Tristan is both an artist and a business innovator. In the evenings he likes to work on his emerging philosophy of the "re-enchantment of the world", preferably with a glass of good wine from Portugal, his motherland.

Melvin Bell


Focus Games


We are experts in engagement and active learning that leads to behavioural change. We create and deliver active learning programmes for clients in the public and private sectors. We have a background in healthcare and Pharmaceuticals and so have a special interest in healthcare engagement.

We develop 'serious' games for learning and engagement in healthcare. Our games are designed to deliver real and measurable changes in thinking and behaviour. We create bespoke board games, online games and eLearning packages. They are often an integral components of wider blended change and engagement programmes.

Erin Fair

Head of Experience and Gamification Design

ResNet AI


Erin calls Salt Lake City, Utah home but has also spent a significant part of the last decade in London and Windsor, England. Her journey into gamification began with a love for strategy board games and MOBA games, igniting her passion at a young age.

She authored her Master's Thesis, "Level Up Your Learning: A Study of Gamification in the Corporate Environment," during her studies at Westminster University. Erin honed her craft at Growth Engineering, collaborating with product teams and delivering gamified solutions to clients.

Returning to her alma mater, she now teaches gamification at Westminster University's graduate school of education. Erin founded her Gamification consultancy, 'Level Up your Learning,' named after her thesis.

Currently, Erin serves as Head of Experience and Gamification Design at ResNet AI, an Energy Tech Company in Texas, USA. She loves infusing gamification into user experiences.

Beyond her career, Erin excels in aerial hoop and pole fitness, golfing, singing, and dancing. She loves traveling the world with her family and enjoys trying new food where she goes.

Snjezana Slabek

Senior Director



Snjezana's journey is an eclectic tapestry woven with international experiences across diverse sectors, fueled by her passion for applying gamification and design thinking to real-world challenges in the realm of learning and innovation. Currently, she explores new frontiers at Cognite AS, a Norwegian unicorn revolutionizing industries through AI and data contextualization. Her forte is crafting global strategies that transform the landscape of learning and innovation. She's worn various hats, from corporate leadership to entrepreneurial ventures, architecting diverse learning and innovation frameworks and always wielding gamification as her secret weapon. Snjezana's adaptable skill set, rooted in a computer science background and fortified by NLP and behavioral science certifications, has made her a catalyst for change. Her TEDx talk on gamification's potential in shaping digital organizations underscores her dedication. Being on the "Movers and Shakers" top 100 list for two consecutive years, recognized by the British Press Release and Elearning Industry, showcases her international impact. Beyond her professional endeavors, she's a devoted music lover and philosophy enthusiast, resolute in her belief in the transformative potential of games in shaping a brighter world.

Viktor Krisztián Beregszászi

Design Strategist



Meet Viktor Beregszaszi, a passionate creative within Ørsted, one of the world’s largest green energy companies aiming to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. Viktor leverages the power of custom-made games to spark innovation and positive behavior change. His approach is refreshingly unconventional combining design thinking and interactive learning to infuse challenging fun and memorable engagement into his training programs. One notable achievement of his is a Hotel Manager game, used to educate over 500 employees about user research. Though he is a few years beyond his master’s degree, Viktor’s impact is undeniable. At his talk, he will introduce the ups, downs, and learnings of building a path for gamification in a big corporation. And you will also have the chance to try his latest creation which will teach safety procedures for offshore workers worldwide. Do not miss this opportunity!

Michiel van Eunen

Owner & Experience Designer

Living Story


Seasoned player in the field of gamification & game-based learning. Since running his first project (The Hunt) in 2003, he made and played over 50 different formats with thousands of people, groups, teams and companies worldwide. Ranging from serious games to escape rooms, Michiel loves to design games that use the immense power of play in the real world. He has the privilege witnessing tons of teams playing games and he loves to inspire others with what he learned from that.

I make games. (serious games, business games, team games, training games, kick-offs & ARG’s)

I talk, inspire & advise about gamification. (at conferences, workshops & strategic sessions with companies).

I design Escape Rooms.

* Rise Global Top 25 Gamification Guru
* Gamfed Member
* Public Speaker at Gamification World Congress
* Public Speaker at Gamification Europe Conference
* International Speaker on Gamification
* Gamification Expert at Performance Solutions
* Gamification Trainer at Dutch Training Professionals
* Ambassador for Mission Start - Platform for Gamification & Game Based Learning
* Facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method

Antonios Triantafyllakis

Head of Learning

All for Climate DAO


I combine experiential learning with gamification to make learning fun and effective. This ensures a holistic, playful and impactful approach to learning and development, adaptable to the learners' needs.

I believe in a world of equal rights and opportunities, where young people are active global citizens that embrace diversity with empathy and are ready to build an innovative, inclusive and sustainable future, today.

I've been working with the best international trainers and organisations for over a decade with that dream in mind, providing high-quality learning opportunities for youth, and preparing them for the 21st century’s demand in skills, knowledge and attitudes.

I multiply that impact by training trainers, facilitators, educators and youth workers, consulting (social) entrepreneurs, EdTech startups, and purpose-oriented businesses on how to best utilize experiential learning, games-based learning and gamification.

Let's change the world together!

Larry Grutman

Operational Manager

ØPP Studio


Graduated from HEC Liège business school, Larry is a geek passionate about sport, video games and crypto. He is the operational manager of ØPP studio. He has a proven track record in project management, application development and mobile game design. He also advised companies on building gamification strategies from various industries (TEC, Sudinfo, Hey!, JTI, Studytracks, Gaming 1, Daikin…).

Nicole de Leeuw

Experience Creator



Experience creator specialised in excellent hospitality service. Immersive Guest Service is a combination of two things I’m very passionate about. On one side the love for an grappling immersive experience; a world building with a narrative you can get lost in whilst all your senses are immersed, and on the other side: an amazing guest service, which supports the immersive experience in a way that it already gets me excited before getting there, smoothly welcomes me into the narrative and leaves me with lasting memories which I want to share. Immersive Guest Service is the key to boost your guest journey by helping the guest be the hero in the story and therefore making it even more memorable, more personalised and simply PR worthy. After my studies International Hospitality Management I had the pleasure to work in multiple five star hotels in London and Amsterdam before I became a professional hospitality trainer. Having a creative mind I kept searching for ways to make each training more engaging, so triggered by gamification I opened Emmelocked Escape Room. Quickly I learned that combining games and learning was a hot commodity, as I was asked to build several on- and offline learning experiences for companies like Coolblue or KLM (creators united).

Laxman Murugappan




Founder of PlayThinkTransform & co-founder of the Academy of Customer Experience Consultancy. Laxman is at home in many markets and helps clients as an advisor, coach and mentor in a playful way. He works with methodologies such as design thinking, customer experience management, serious play, games, gamification, and learning-by-doing-and-thinking principles. He also has a solid foundation in technology. He is one of the driving members of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Community in India and a pillar of support to the Global Community of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators. Like many experiential change agents, he is a polymath with many strings to his bow and can turn his hand to help his clients, playfully, through coaching and mentoring, consultancy in numerous business areas through the application of design thinking, customer experience management, serious play, games, gamification, and learning-by- doing-and-thinking principles and methods.

Sian Guthrie


Narrative Health


Great stories have the power to connect us. To fire off our imagination. To inspire action and enable you to picture what you don’t see. Great stories start with Narrative Health.

Bruno Setola

Game Thinking Consultant, Speaker and Facilitator



I am a game thinker.

I see everyday interactions between people as games. I see these games through the eyes of a game designer and I know how these interactions can be made more fun and engaging.

As a gamification consultant at Playspace and practical researcher at Rotterdam University of Applied Science I offer more than 10 years of hands-on experience in applying ideas from games to improve the game of living, learning and working together.

Lina Gomes

Co-Founder & CEO



Bio coming soon...

Jan-Willem Manenschijn

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Raccoon Serious Games


Jan-Willem Manenschijn, founder of Raccoon Serious Games, combines the worlds of technology, education, and creativity. His energy and creativity makes for inspiring talks, showcasing how games and education can make an societal impact. With a background of computer science and a lot of common sense, he bridges the gap between the tech and the people.


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