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Willem-Jan Renger 

Willem-Jan Renger (HKU) is head of Innovation Studio @ Utrecht School of the Arts. He is also founder of ‘Ludodidactiek’, a design methodology to develop playful learning materials. He is involved in early stages of innovation projects in domains like healthcare, cultural heritage and education and energy transition. He is father of five, which have been his most precious guinea pigs for playful experiments.

Beyond the Medieval Bible Problem: How to Create Re-usable Gamification 

Tackling a multitude of contexts using game principles, we tend to create unique tailor-made solutions, like handwritten medieval bibles. If our solution also involves technology, we often face massive challenges in scaling up a solution, bringing solutions to market and financing these. In this talk we will explore these pitfalls but especially the necessity for the quest for reusable components or templates and our recent research and design outcomes in this line of thinking.

Watch Willem talk at TEDxAmsterdamED 2013