By Vasilis Gkogkidis / November 2, 2017

Interview with our Gamification Europe 2017 speaker - Pedro Crespo

To prepare for Gamification Europe 2017, we asked all our speakers 4 questions about gamification. These are Pedro's answers! 

1) When and how did you first hear about gamification?

In 2014 talking with a colleague on how to engage more our people. We came to the conclusion that we were already using some game design mechanics (mainly level 1) but we lacked structure.

2) Why and when did you decide that you want to use gamification?

In 2015 in our trainee 2 week induction program. That was our first successful implementation. Previous to that we had some shots but not really successful ones.

3) What is the main takeaway someone will take after attending your session at Gamification Europe?

The advantages of running a pilot project and not being afraid of failure. It’s a pilot, if it doesn’t work change it. We had a huge pilot during 1 and a half years with our new feedback system and with almost no investment in technology. It’s difficult but possible.

4) What other session of Gamification Europe are you excited about and want to attend?

I’m very curious to listen to “The 8 Archetypes of Gamification Failure” from Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos.