By Vasilis Gkogkidis / October 29, 2017

Interview with our Gamification Europe 2017 speaker - Vasilis Gkogkidis

To prepare for Gamification Europe 2017, we asked all our speakers 4 questions about gamification. These are Vasilis's answers! 

1) When and how did you first hear about gamification?

I first heard about gamification in 2016 when I was doing my masters at the University of Brighton. It was a masters on Business Management and for the last semester we had to choose two electives from a list of different courses. I chose to do “Gamification for business”, an elective run by Pete Jenkins. Pete was really good at selling me the course and of course that proved to be one of the best decisions of my professional life! It was a great course that turned into a full-time job in the gamification industry. Here I am organising this conference and travelling the world speaking about gamification.

2) Why and when did you decide that you want to use gamification?

I think that some of the ideas of what we call gamification I was already interested in but as sparse design elements that I saw as playful on buildings or public spaces, websites etc. I think the moment of revelation was when during the first session of the “Gamification for business” elective Pete showed us the Piano Stairs video. That’s when I said, ok this makes so much sense, this is right. When we got to the assignment part of the course I designed a gamified experience for super markets which also made a lot of sense to me. Of course, more knowledge came after I started working for Pete full time.

I am not sure I can explain the why. I think it’s something in me that always thought the world is a little more serious than it should and for no good reason. If I wear a Batman t-shirt while teaching at a university does that make a worse teacher than someone who is more “properly” dressed while teaching? I always thought that the world needs a bit more fun and playfulness.

3) What is the main takeaway someone will take after attending your session at Gamification Europe?

Our session with Sabrina Bruehwiler will be a workshop that we have delivered a couple of times before in different parts of the world and one of the takeaways is always the process, the steps that we suggest people take when designing a gamification project and of course new ideas. They get to collaborate, meet people and work on something that will give them more insight on the process and hopefully inspire them to go back home and start designing their own projects to solve problems.

4) What other session of Gamification Europe are you excited about and want to attend?

All of them! If anyone knows how I can do that please let me know! We have designed this schedule very carefully and we know all the speakers are good and will bring something valuable to the conversation. This is what we do too, speaking and training people in gamification so I honestly thing there is something to be learned from every session.

If I have to pick something though, I will say I want to see Jeff Gomez speak as storytelling is something I am very interested in and Pete told me Jeff is an excellent speaker. I am also very excited for Sabrina’s talk on diversity and the panel that will follow that presentation!