Watch Bruno Setola’s talk: The New Approach To Flow

By Pete Baikins / July 7, 2022

Recorded live at Gamification Europe 2022:

Learn the 10 Key Player Motivations that go deeper than the typical focus on employee competence. There is more than simply achievement that drives people. Go beyond the expected gamification solutions with experiences like connection, collaboration and belonging. In real-life examples you will see which game elements to use to improve social experiences in your own organisation.

Bruno Setola is a Game Thinker; he looks at daily interactions between people as games. By looking at these through the glasses of a game designer we can see ways to make them more fun, fair and engaging. Bruno consults organizations on the participatory process that is needed to improve these “games” with the people that play them. Only by making the needs and motivations of these players tangible can we effectively apply the best ideas from games and reimagine the game of living, learning and working together. Bruno Setola is a Gamification consultant with 10 years of hands-on experience in applied game design, while also researching and teaching gamification at Rotterdam University of Applied Science.