What’s Coming Next From Gamification Europe?

By Kira Downer / December 23, 2019

​So… Gamification Europe 2019 is officially over… 😞.

​It’s been a whole year since the last one, and we’ve only just recovered ​ourselves. Which is why it’s so nice that a ​some of our attendees have already written post-conference blogs about the conference!

​Reading these recounts of Gamification Europe has been such a pleasure for our team. And we’re extremely happy with the feedback we have received so far from the conference. Our post-conference survey has given us some incredible feedback which we will certainly be implementing for the next edition…

​Speaking of the next edition: what’s going on? Where is it going to be? Give us the details!!

​Ah… we don’t know quite yet 😅.

​​Not that we’re keeping it a massive secret from you, but we genuinely don’t know the details ourselves yet!

​Until then, we hope we can keep you happy with a list of things we’d like to promise to deliver over the next 2 months*:

  • ​Our post-conference review blog.A blog with all of our collections, thoughts and feelings on how the conference went
  • ​A post-conference survey blog.A blog containing all YOUR reflections, feelings, advice and thoughts on how the conference went.
  • ​Our plans for next year blog.Fourth edition here we come! We’re going to collect all the details from the previous two blogs and blend them together in a ‘what to expect’ blog. Good things should come from this!
  • ​Our sponsors blog’s.We’ll be service you the best tips and tricks from our sponsors, directing you to the best in gamified learning, gamified Human Resources and more!
  • ​All slides from the conference available on slide share.We did this last year, and we think it was a good move: so we’re doing it again! We’ll release a mega-blog with the contents of each speakers talk and a sort summary to accompany each.
  • *​All the videos from the conference being released.We’ve included the little a​sterisk because this is the only thing we expect to take more than 2 months. Our plan is to release the videos every Monday starting in January… and there are more than two months worth to get through. But these will start to be published in January ​😉.

​Closing Thoughts

​We hope there’s enough content their to keep you excited for what’s happening at #GEU20 (there it is. That’s our hashtag. You heard it here first).

​We’re about ready to wrap up for the holidays, so a lot of this content will be coming your way from January onward. We very much enjoy reading your feedback so if you’d like to leave a comment we’ll read it.

​We hope you’re as ready for Gamification Europe 2020 as we are 😉.

We’re closing off for now, but we hope you all have a lovely holiday season!

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​Have you caught up with our team and sister company, ​The Gamification Awards on social media yet? We're pretty active on Twitter, so if you'd like to catch up our link are all below!